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Tim StringerMy name is Tim Stringer and I created this website to showcase the services that I provide on a professional basis and to share information and tidbits of wisdom from my many interests and life experiences.

For more information on my professional services, including productivity coaching and consulting, please visit the Technically Simple website. I work with individuals and organizations, both in person and remotely using the excellent Zoom online meeting platform. I specialize in productivity solutions that include Asana, Daylite, Evernote, OmniFocus, and Trello.

Technically Simple

I’m very much a student of life and see the opportunity for learning that each unique experience provides. I encourage this growth in others through my work as a professional coach and yoga teacher. I also have a degree in engineering and a long history working with technology as a software engineer, project manager, small business owner and director of sales/business development. I’m equally as fascinated by technology today as I was in my youth and strive to make technology accessible to everyone as a vehicle for personal expression and enhanced community connection and service.

I have teach a number of productivity courses, among them It’s About Time™, a course that was inspired by my healing journey through cancer in 2008 – an experience that was both very challenging and life altering. The workshop, which launched in Vancouver on May 30, 2009, draws on my experiences as a professional coach,  technology and productivity consultant and yoga teacher to provide a unique and valuable experience.

Please contact me if you are interested in any (or all) of the services that I offer and if you have any feedback to share.