Sep 21

TEN Bodies? I thought I only had one…

We are multifaceted beings by nature and our physical body is only one of the aspects that defines us as humans. In addition to our physical body we each have three mental bodies and six energy bodies that can be experienced, developed and balanced through the practice of yoga and meditation.

If you understand that you are Ten Bodies, and you are aware of those Ten Bodies, and you keep them in balance, the whole Universe will be in balance with you. — Yogi Bhajan

Experience Your Multifaceted Nature on October 6

Join Seattle-based Yoga and Shamanic Teacher and Present Journeys co-founder, Alec Davis and I for a Yoga Workshop on Sunday, October 6 (2-4pm) and experience yourself as a multi-faceted human. The workshop will take place at the Maya Whole Health Studio, located in Renton, Washington (1322 Lake Washington Blvd) — about 27 km (17 miles) from downtown Seattle.

Hatha & Kundalini Yoga, Guided Relaxation and Healing Circle

Resident yoga teacher Alec Davis will support you in connecting with your breath and will take you through a series of Hatha Yoga postures to engage your physical body. I’ll then lead a Kundalini Yoga kriya (set) called “Awakening to Your Ten Bodies”, that includes dynamic physical exercises and pranayama (breath work) followed by a guided relaxation and a powerful healing circle meditation. Everyone is welcome and no previous experience with Hatha Yoga or Kundalini Yoga is necessary.

Reserve Your Space Today

Reserve your space in the workshop by registering online at the Maya Whole Health Studio. Space is limited, so it’s recommended that you book early to be guaranteed a spot in the workshop.

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Bring Your Ten Bodies to Costa Rica in December

Want to take your experience to the next level? Alec and I are leading a seven-day Yoga and Shamanic retreat from December 28-January 4 at the beautiful Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa, located on the Osa Peninsula in southern Costa Rica, one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. Visit for more information and to register online.

Apr 12

SunflowerToxins are a part of life…

Toxins are a part of everyday life. Even your own body create toxins as part of the normal digestive process. To lighten your load it’s a good idea to take steps to reduce the amount of toxins you’re exposed to — for example, by eating healthy, organic food and drinking clean, filtered water. It’s equally important to tune up your body’s toxic removal systems so that you’re well equipped to deal with toxicity that shows up in your life.

Five Weeks. Five Cleansing Systems.

This five week series focuses on a different cleansing system each week. You’ll learn about the basic roles that each of these systems plays and will practice kriyas designed help these systems function at peak efficiency. You’ll also work on mental toxins through the practice of meditation and the use of mantra and will have the opportunity to explore the connections between emotional and physical toxins.

Tune-up Schedule: Thursdays 12-1:30pm

The Kundalini Yoga classes will be offered at Yoga West in Vancouver (2662 W 4th Avenue, between Stephens and Trafalgar) as part of the 40-day challenge that begins on April 22, 2013. You’re welcome to attend as few or as many classes as you’d like and no previous experience is necessary. I’ll be teaching four of the classes, and Dharam Darshan Kaur, who’s a regular teacher at Yoga West will be teaching the May 16 class.

Thursday, April 25 (12-1:30pm) — Kidneys

Thursday, May 2 (12-1:30pm) — Colon

Thursday, May 9 (12-1:30pm) — Lungs

Thursday, May 16 (12-1:30pm) — Liver (taught by Dharam Darshan Kaur)

Thursday, May 23 (12-1:30pm) — Skin



Dec 22

Productivity Meets Purpose

I’m happy to announce the launch of a new course called Productivity with Purpose™. The course draws on the material from the It’s About Time course, which I first introduced in 2009 as well as content from my corporate offering, Productivity and Self Management. Between now and the end of 2012 I’m offering a LIMITED number of spaces at only $25 (regular price $95). Use the promo code PURPOSE2013 when registering online.

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Four hours that could change your life…

The four-hour Productivity with Purpose course is a key step on the road to fulfillment and success. It’s an opportunity to get to the root cause of why you procrastinate, to uncover your core values and to establish positive new habits. Armed with practical strategies and fresh insights you’ll be well equipped to move forward and produce meaningful results.

Attend the course on January 19 or 26, 2013 and…

  • Take a step back and look at the big picture of your life, noticing which aspects are working and where there’s room for growth.
  • Gain insights into why you procrastinate and learn practical strategies for stepping out of these limiting patterns.
  • Reconnect with your core values and learn how to live a life that is aligned with what’s most important to you.
  • Learn the basics of Getting Things Done® (GTD®), a highly effective approach to productivity that is practiced all over the world by everyone from artists to engineers.
  • Learn practical skills for using technology in a way that simplifies your life rather than adding to your stress.
  • Put a structure in place to transform at least one area of your life in the three months that follow the course.

GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company. Technically Simple is not affiliated with or endorsed by the David Allen Company.


Dec 09

Rama Tim at Khalsa Men's CampI’m teaching a couple of extra yoga classes at Yoga West (2662 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver) this month — specifically the Tuesday 7-8:30pm classes on December 11 and 18. The theme for these two classes is “Setting the Stage for 2013”. You’re very welcome to attend one or both classes whether you’re a seasoned yogi or experiencing this practice for the first time.

December 11 — Creating Space — The first week you’ll focus on creating space for growth in 2013 by letting go things that don’t serve you. This can include tension in the body, toxic emotions, outdated belief systems and unproductive habits. In the process you’ll tap into new sources of energy and create momentum to carry yourself into the New Year.

December 18 — Attracting Prosperity — The focus for the second week will be on attracting prosperity into your life. You’ll learn about prosperity from a yogic point of view and will undergo a process that supports you in attracting wealth in many forms.

A prosperous person has certain characteristics. For that person richness is not the basic aim. It happens anyway. No matter what the circumstance a prosperous person creates, delivers, and fulfills. They always remember the presence and possibilities of the Infinite within each person. To such a person, prosperity is as natural as the breath, as unlimited as the mind and as immediate as this moment. — Yogi Bhajan

I hope to see you at Yoga West…and feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.

May 04

I was recently featured in a video produced by the Omni Group. I feel honoured to have had a starring role in the Omni Group’s first “Customer Story” video. I appreciated being able to share my journey through cancer and the profoundly positive impact that the Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology and OmniFocus™ has had on all aspects of my life.

Despite all the challenges, my journey through cancer was rich in rewards. It was a wake-up call that allowed me to become very clear on my life path and how I can best serve people, organizations and communities. All of the work that I do is embodied in the concept of “Holistic Productivity” — a topic I’ll be presenting in more detail shortly. My work as a Productivity Coach and Consultant at Technically Simple is very much aligned with my life work and I feel blessed to be engaged in work that is both fulfilling and impactful.

If you’re curious to read more about GTD and OmniFocus…check out the GTD® “The Art of Stress Free Productivity” and How I Use OmniFocus articles.

I work with people, both individually and in groups, to help them get up and running with OmniFocus and to fine tune their OmniFocus setups — ultimately supporting them in leading lives that are healthy, productive and aligned with their values. The process I go through when working with people draws upon my professional coaching training and goes beyond OmniFocus and technology. Through the consulting and training work that I do, individuals have an opportunity to look at the big picture of their lives and to reconnect with their dreams and passions. As part of this process they also have opportunity to take a close look at all of the incompletions and indecisions in their life that are holding them back and to put a plan in place to tie up loose ends. For more information visit the Technically Simple website.

Apr 23

Budding Rose - Awaken and TransformBetween April 26 and May 31 I’m teaching a series of Kundalini Yoga classes under the theme of Awaken and Transform. All classes will be held at Yoga West in Kitsilano (2662 W 4th Avenue, between Stephens and Trafalgar) on Thursdays from 12–1:30pm.

These classes are part of a 40-day yoga challenge that officially launches at Yoga West on April 23 at 7pm. According to yogic science, 40 days is the amount of time it takes to let go of an old habit and cultivate a new one. You’re very welcome to attend any or all of these classes whether you’re participating in the 40-day yoga challenge or not.

April 26 — Awaken to Your Ten Bodies — We are multifaceted beings by nature and our physical body is only one of the aspects that defines us as humans. Come and experience, strengthen and balance all of your ten bodies through breath, movement and meditation.

May 3 — Understanding Through Compassion — According to Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, we have entered into the Age of Aquarius. Key to thriving in this new age is going beyond an intellectual understanding of the world and learning to understand through compassion. Experience yourself as an integral part of life and open yourself to exciting new possibilities.

May 10 — The Other Person is YOU — Consider that we see others as a reflection of ourselves. Qualities we admire in others are qualities that we possess. And any time we have a reaction to something someone else says or does we have an opportunity to see our shadow. Learn how to apply this teaching in a practical way and embrace your light and the shadow it casts.

May 17 — When the Time is On You…START — Is there anything in your life that you’re putting off? Resisting doing things is, in many cases, more draining that actually doing them. Learn to apply yogic technology to create momentum in your life as you take courageous steps along the path of fulfillment and happiness.

May 24 — A Way Through Every Block — Like it our not, challenges will come along throughout our life. Resisting these challenges can lead us to feeling stuck and drained. Embracing them presents us with an opportunity to learn and grow. As children, many of us loved to play with blocks. Bring your inner child and re-experience how much fun blocks can be.

May 31 — Vibrate the Cosmos — At a very basic level we humans (and everything else for that matter) exist as vibrations. Kundalini Yoga places a strong emphasis on chanting sacred mantras that support us in raising our vibration and reaching heightened levels of awareness. Don’t take my word for it…come and experience it for yourself.

Mar 13

I was recently a guest on The Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show. Dr. Evers is a best selling author of many books on the power of affirmations and co-authored Wake Up and Live the Life you Love in Spirit with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer.

This was my second time on the show and it was a pleasure to be back. I talked about my journey through cancer in 2008 and summarized the profound lessons that I learned through my trials and tribulations. These lessons continue to serve me well today and have led to me gaining a new sense of clarity around all aspects of my life. During the interview I also publicly announced a new book that I’m writing, with a planned publishing date of Fall 2012. I look forward to sharing more details on this project shortly!

You can listen to a recording of the interview by clicking the Listen Now button below. You can also access the Anne Marie Evers Show on iTunes by clicking the Listen on iTunes button. The interview aired on February 18, 2012 and I join Dr. Evers about 11 minutes into the show.

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Feb 15

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be hitting the airwaves this Saturday at approximately 12:20pm Pacific Time as a guest on The Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show. Dr. Evers is a best selling author of many books on the power of affirmations and co-authored Wake Up and Live the Life you Love in Spirit with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I was first on the Dr. Evers show in May 2010 and look forward to picking up the conversation where we left off. I’ll be talking about my 2008 journey through cancer and the clarity of purpose that arose from my trials and tribulations.

Through my work as a coach, consultant and yoga teacher, I give people tools that support them in being healthy, relaxed and productive in our fast-paced modern world. I’ll be sharing some specific insights and recommendations that I often share with my clients. I’ll also be using this show as the forum to announce an exciting new project that I have in the works. Tune in to learn more!

You can listen to show on your computer by clicking the LISTEN LIVE button below or by downloading the free CTR Radio iPhone app. The interview will also be made available through iTunes approximately 24 hours after the show airs. Visit the How to Listen page on Contact Talk Radio’s website for more information.

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Oct 18

Yoga West LogoI’m excited to announce that I’m teaching a regular Thursday noon (12-1:15pm) class at Yoga West in Vancouver starting this Thursday (October 20, 2011). I have been teaching yoga since 1999 and was a regular teacher at Yoga West before getting diagnosed with cancer in 2008. Kundalini Yoga played a major role in my recovery and I’m grateful to be teaching regularly at Yoga West once again and to have the opportunity to share the many lessons that I learned during my healing journey.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kundalini Yoga, it’s a style that is often dubbed the “mother of all yogas”. It has a strong physical element, with more of an emphasis on dynamic movement than on static postures. Kundalini Yoga also provides the opportunity to experience the many other facets of yoga, including breathwork (pranayama), meditation and yogic lifestyles and philosophies. The best way to learn what Kundalini Yoga is all about is to come and experience a class for yourself.

For more information on Kundalini Classes at Yoga West visit And feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.

p.s. I’m also going to be teaching Kundalini Yoga in downtown Vancouver starting in January 2012 and have some plans for workshops with a yogic theme. Stay tuned for details!

Jul 04

An article I wrote for the Annex Consulting newsletter about David Allen’s Getting Things Done® (GTD®) methodology was published earlier today is now available on the Technically Simple blog.

GTD has had a profoundly positive impact on my life, both personally and professionally. The story of my introduction to GTD was published on the David Allen Company’s blog, GTD Times in 2009 and I was interviewed by David Allen himself later that year as part of the “In Conversation” series.

I recently shared the benefits of this approach with the International Coach Federation (ICF), Vancouver Chapter and with an enthusiastic group of coaches and consultants at a local gathering. Through my coaching business, Coaching Life, I work with people to navigate GTD and to develop their own systems. My consulting business, Technically Simple, has a strong focus on productivity and I provide consultant and training in Mac® and iOS® technologies that are designed to implement GTD – specifically OmniFocus and Daylite.

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