I have extensive training and experience as a Life Coach, Technology and Marketing Consultant, Workshop Leader and Yoga Teacher.

Areas of Expertise

This section of my website highlights four specific areas where I have extensive training and experience. I welcome the opportunity to serve in any or all of these areas:

Professional Coach
I am a professionally trained Co-Active Life Coach and offer life and business coaching through my private practice, Coaching Life and productivity coaching and consulting through Technically Simple.
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Technology Consultant
My interest in technology stems from an early age. I have a Bachelor of Engineering and a wide range of experience both in the corporate world and as a small business owner.
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Course Leader
The It’s About Time™ course was inspired by my journey through cancer in 2008. It draws upon my experience as a coach, yogi and technologist. I have since developed other courses, including Productivity and Self Management™.
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Yoga Teacher
I have been enthusiastically and playfully teaching the mother of all yogas, Kundalini Yoga, since 1999 and am trained as a Yin Yoga teacher. I have also been playing a leadership role in YogaBC (formerly YABC) from 2005-2008.
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