Productivity Coach

I am a professionally trained Co-Active Coach and offer Productivity Coaching & Consulting through Technically Simple.

An Introduction to Coaching

In a nutshell, coaching is all about giving you access to a life that is rewarding and fulfilling. The life that you want often exists as a hope or a dream. Or perhaps it’s not completely clear what it is you really want. Sound familiar? Read on.

The “alliance” that a coaching relationship creates gives you the opportunity to invent what it is you really want and move forward to live a life that is consistent with both your aspirations and your own unique talents. A coach’s role is to support and encourage you during this process, to challenge you to step outside your comfort zone and to create a space of accountability. What might have taken years to accomplish is suddenly well within your grasp.

Coaching. Where have you been all my life?

My first experience of coaching was in early 2005, shortly after picking up my life in Ottawa and moving to Vancouver. I was going through major transitions in many area of my life and having a coach to work with took the experience from being overwhelming to being a playful and creative one. I experienced first-hand the ease and possibilities that a coaching relationship creates.

A short while later I went on to experience coaching in a large group context. I completed the Curriculum for Living offered by Landmark Education and went on to graduate from the Introduction Leaders Program, a demanding six-month course that embodies both individual and group coaching.

Coaching as a Career

The more I experienced the benefits of coaching the more motivated I became to choose coaching as a career. In 2007 I enrolled in the Core Curriculum offered by The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), an internationally recognized and highly acclaimed training organization. I completed the Core Curriculum in March 2008.

My training at CTI took my coaching skills to a new level and have shed new light on my own limitless potential. I’m affectionately called “Tribal Leader” by my peers in my CTI courses and aspire to the powerful yet humble distinction this creates in my life.