Technology Consultant

I help people and organizations develop processes and workflows and make productive use of technology.

A Fascination with Technology

Since an early age I have been intrigued by technology and all of the creative and social possibilities it opens up. I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to witness and play a role in the growth of technologies, such as the Internet, that are a part of our every day lives. During my high schools days I could often be found in the computer science room writing software or in the computer technology lab creating a computer-interfaced robot. My fascination with technology is equally strong over twenty five years later.


My interest in computers and technology inspired me to pursue a degree in engineering. In 1990 I was awarded a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (B.Eng.) by Carleton University. My university education, which included a major emphasis on computer technology, helped establish a strong foundation for my career.


Imapro Technologies | Software Engineer • 1990-1992

Upon graduating from Carleton University, I was offered a position as a software engineer for Imapro Technologies. My two years at Imapro centred around the development of both Macintosh® and Windows™ software for Imapro’s line of high-end scanners and film recorders.

Corel Corporation | Software Engineering & Project Manager • 1992-2000

Corel Corporation was the next stop on my career path. I enjoyed a wide range of responsibilities during my eight years at Corel. I was originally hired as a software engineer for Corel’s growing line of Macintosh products and went on to manage a localisation team at Corel’s European office in Dublin, Ireland. A year later I returned to Corel’s head office in Ottawa to oversee the design and development of Corel’s full line of Macintosh graphics products.

Hemera Technologies | Project and Development Manager • 2001-2003

Hemera Technologies, a well respected provider of clipart and stock photography, hired me in 2001 to manage the development of their Macintosh products. My accomplishments during my two years with Hemera also included managing the team of engineers that developed the search engine that powered Hemera’s Macintosh and Windows software. Hemera and its technology has since been acquired by Jupiterimages Corporation, a Getty Images company.

Atimi Software | Director of Desktop Sales • 2009-2010

Atimi Software has been providing Macintosh and cross-platform software development services since 2001 and was one of the first companies to develop apps for the iPhone. Atimi’s client base includes The New York Times, HBO, Donna Karan and The Vancouver Canucks. Initially I worked with clients who were interested in Atimi’s Macintosh and cross-platform development services. My role soon expanded to include sales and business development in the mobile space (iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry). I also supervised Atimi’s public relations team and implemented systems and procedures to improve Atimi’s client tracking and communication and to provide a high-level tracking of active projects.

Technically Simple | Owner and President • 2003-present

In the fall of 2003 I founded a company called Technically Simple with a mandate to make technology available to everyone in a friendly and accessible manner. Over the years I have had the privilege to provide marketing and technical services, including website design and development and multimedia creation and editing, to a wide range of clients ranging from individuals to medium size companies employing thousands of people. In May 2011, Technically Simple entered its next chapter, placing a strong focus on productivity and best of breed technologies.