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Apr 12

SunflowerToxins are a part of life…

Toxins are a part of everyday life. Even your own body create toxins as part of the normal digestive process. To lighten your load it’s a good idea to take steps to reduce the amount of toxins you’re exposed to — for example, by eating healthy, organic food and drinking clean, filtered water. It’s equally important to tune up your body’s toxic removal systems so that you’re well equipped to deal with toxicity that shows up in your life.

Five Weeks. Five Cleansing Systems.

This five week series focuses on a different cleansing system each week. You’ll learn about the basic roles that each of these systems plays and will practice kriyas designed help these systems function at peak efficiency. You’ll also work on mental toxins through the practice of meditation and the use of mantra and will have the opportunity to explore the connections between emotional and physical toxins.

Tune-up Schedule: Thursdays 12-1:30pm

The Kundalini Yoga classes will be offered at Yoga West in Vancouver (2662 W 4th Avenue, between Stephens and Trafalgar) as part of the 40-day challenge that begins on April 22, 2013. You’re welcome to attend as few or as many classes as you’d like and no previous experience is necessary. I’ll be teaching four of the classes, and Dharam Darshan Kaur, who’s a regular teacher at Yoga West will be teaching the May 16 class.

Thursday, April 25 (12-1:30pm) — Kidneys

Thursday, May 2 (12-1:30pm) — Colon

Thursday, May 9 (12-1:30pm) — Lungs

Thursday, May 16 (12-1:30pm) — Liver (taught by Dharam Darshan Kaur)

Thursday, May 23 (12-1:30pm) — Skin



Jan 16

To support the people of Haiti in healing and rebuilding following the devastation of Tuesday’s earthquake I’m donating all proceeds from my next two Monday evening Kundalini Yoga classes (January 18 and 25) to the CMAT (Canadian Medical Assistance Teams). Both classes will include a healing circle meditation – an opportunity to send healing to Haiti at a more spiritual, energetic level.

A member of the Yoga West sangat (spiritual community) is flying to Haiti on Sunday with the CMAT to help set up a self-contained field hospital and to treat the victims of the disaster. I acknowledge him for his courage and willingness to serve and am happy to support this initiative. As an added bonus, the Government of Canada will be matching all donations made to the CMAT.

Please see my yoga classes page for more information on the Monday evening Kundalini Yoga class and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. If you are unable to attend the class, but would still like to support the CMAT you can make a donation through their website: www.canadianmedicalteams.org.

Photo by American Red Cross – http://flic.kr/p/7w4Chp