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Dec 09

Rama Tim at Khalsa Men's CampI’m teaching a couple of extra yoga classes at Yoga West (2662 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver) this month — specifically the Tuesday 7-8:30pm classes on December 11 and 18. The theme for these two classes is “Setting the Stage for 2013”. You’re very welcome to attend one or both classes whether you’re a seasoned yogi or experiencing this practice for the first time.

December 11 — Creating Space — The first week you’ll focus on creating space for growth in 2013 by letting go things that don’t serve you. This can include tension in the body, toxic emotions, outdated belief systems and unproductive habits. In the process you’ll tap into new sources of energy and create momentum to carry yourself into the New Year.

December 18 — Attracting Prosperity — The focus for the second week will be on attracting prosperity into your life. You’ll learn about prosperity from a yogic point of view and will undergo a process that supports you in attracting wealth in many forms.

A prosperous person has certain characteristics. For that person richness is not the basic aim. It happens anyway. No matter what the circumstance a prosperous person creates, delivers, and fulfills. They always remember the presence and possibilities of the Infinite within each person. To such a person, prosperity is as natural as the breath, as unlimited as the mind and as immediate as this moment. — Yogi Bhajan

I hope to see you at Yoga West…and feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.